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Click here to learn more! 

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When? Show date and times will be announced soon. Follow our social media accounts for more details!

What time? TBA

How much? $5 per performance.

Show Synopsis: "In the gripping tale set against the ominous backdrop of the Tower of London, Anne Boleyn finds herself ensnared in a web of accusations, facing charges of witchcraft and adultery. As she languishes in her cell, Anne reflects on the tumultuous events that have led her to this dire fate. The play delves into the intricacies of her relationships, the political machinations that surrounded her, and the turbulent court intrigues that ultimately sealed her tragic destiny"


Please visit The Harrisburg Fringe Festival website to learn more about this unique theatre experience.

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When? July 20th, 2024

What time? 11 AM - 3 PM

How much? FREE


Please visit The New Cumberland Borough website to learn more!

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