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Two lions, Braveheart and Jerry, are basking in the sun on the Serengeti Plain of Africa. They are having a conversation about Life, and the talk turns to a discussion of the balance of Nature. Things get very silly.


[10 minutes, comedy, 2F] In a world in which nobody is REALLY sure what constitutes a HIPAA violation, two cold, tired, sexually-frustrated women choose to self-diagnose.


When someone is pouring their heart out to you, how long is it polite to wait before you can bite into your corn dog?


Liora's night of triumph is her sibling's night of failure. She might have something that will make them feel a little bit better.


During the Crusades, a sick King Richard the Lionhearted is visited by the Sultan's personal physician, the Jewish sage Moses Maimonides. A different era's view of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.


Senator Throckmorton comes home to find a young woman in his living room, and she wants something from him. Something very personal, to which he is very much attached.


A Dad wants his daughter to be prepared for the worst. But hasn’t she already gone through the worst?


Vladimir is a vampire. Specifically, Vladimir is a vampire who is being chased by a mob. When he finally finds a place to hide out, he meets Mendel, the Chabad Rabbi at the University Vladimir has been hiding out in. Mendel teaches Vladimir how to live, after having lived for a very long time. Vladimir teaches Mendel things as well. This faith-based comedy is an interesting bite into Judaism, and the before unraised ethical question: how can a vampire help a rabbi, and can a vampire be Jewish?

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