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Literary magazines

Our literary magazines celebrate diverse voices, fostering an inclusive space where every perspective is not only heard but cherished. We amplify unique stories, providing a platform for marginalized voices to challenge societal silences and offer fresh insights. Through embracing diversity, our magazines become a harmonious symphony of voices, contributing to a unified dialogue that inspires connection and understanding in our literary community.


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Published work

We pride ourselves on curating a dynamic collection that goes beyond traditional boundaries, specializing in concise yet impactful chapbooks, novellas, and plays. Our pocket-sized chapbooks offer glimpses into emotionally rich worlds, while our novellas provide immersive storytelling within a condensed framework. Our dedication to the dramatic arts shines through our diverse selection of plays, showcasing thought-provoking dramas and comedic masterpieces. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we invite readers to explore the richness of storytelling in our collection, where each publication represents the profound impact of well-crafted narratives on the literary landscape.

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